1UP Media Solutions Proactive Website Maintenance Solution

Your website is the main source of new clients, customers and sales online, don’t leave it open to hackers or other security risks.

So you have a fancy website that you spent a lot of money, resources and time on.

But, you have noticed recently that you aren’t getting the calls from it like you used to. So you open up a web browser and type in your website and nothing happens…

Oh no, your website it DOWN!

This could be from a multitude of reasons but there is one thing for sure, it is hurting your business probably more than you realize.

Not only will it look bad to customers, it looks bad in the eyes of Google and the other search engines and they will start penalizing you and drop your rankings.

A Word Of Caution For The DIY’ers 

You are great a running your business, but let’s be honest, is website maintenance, security and handling server issues something you feel confident in?

You see all those annoying bubbles in your website’s backend notifying you of the updates available so you figure “What can go wrong?”.. you click the update button and after some loading your website shows its been updated.. and then, you get a call that your website is not working. What happened you think? What am I going to do, I don’t know how to fix it and I’m losing money every minute that goes by!

Why Is A Website Maintenance Agreement So Important To The Health Of My Website?

It’s simple, if you don’t keep your website software updated you open your website, and your business to the real possibility of losing customers and sales to hackers, failed updates, unknown errors, and other technical glitches. 

The most common problem to a broken website is a failed update. Something happens in the background while the update is running that causes it to error out therefore it does not complete and leaves your website broken.

If you don’t know how to fix it you’re stuck until you can hire someone to fix it for you. And this is the most expensive kind of work to hire out!

Being proactive and having a website maintenance and service agreement allows you to not have to think about updating your website, we handle it automatically, along with the following services:

  • Core website and module updates
  • Website security scan
  • Daily and weekly backups. Even if something does get by our fortress of security, we can restore your website to before the problem happened.

This is what your website could look like after a failed update.

The Real Costs Of Website Downtime or Website Hacks Attacks 


Lost Sales

Every minute your website is down you lose customers and leads and risk customers that may have bought from you to go to your competition.

Reduced Customer Confidence

This can lead to long-term damage to your business

Penalized By Search Engines

Not only will it look bad to customers, it looks bad in the eyes of Google and the other search engines and they will start penalizing you and drop your rankings.

Expensive To Fix

It’s a lot harder to fix problems that were not tracked when they happened.

Do what you do best and leave the technical details to us!

Website maintenance plans are perfect for those without the technical knowledge or time to make regular updates on their own.

As a subscriber of this service we proactively harden your website against the most common hacks and threats on the internet.

We make sure your website software is continually being updated and stays up-to-date to further mitigate the risk of any future attacks.

This includes your WordPress installation, theme or framework and all plugins. We also backup and secure all your data on a daily basis and keep it for a rolling 30-day period.